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Move forward, Insflam has developed a smart bot that index instagram influencers around the world. Through data processing it can deliver high valued insights and let you pick the right influencer that will make your products shine above competitors.

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Insflam was born in the summer of 2018 with the goal to make influencer marketing easy for anyone. We started with a simple web application as a proof of concept, users were really interested in and started to ask for more insights and influencers. Today we’re focusing mainly on making it easy for everyone to find instagram influencers.

We believe in the power of influencers. The trust shared with their audience is a strength that all business has to take. We are committed to making that as easy as we can.

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We have created a facebook community because we wanted a place where people can ask any questions about influencer marketing and get helped from others through their experiences. A place of share where you can learn for free.

You got a burning question ? Join the group and ask any question freely, we are all here to learn and help.

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